It’s easy to dismiss the completion of the car as just a matter of routine effort and time.
Of course it isn’t – it’s a huge team effort to get all of the remaining 3,000 parts designed, made, and assembled, as well as completing all those last minute details which had been put aside for finishing later! So now with most the design done and with a good response from first of the Nammo rocket trials BLOODHOUND is in a better place.

The education team are working hard to meet the demand from the 5714 UK schools signed up to the programme. There is now the potential to deliver real change. As an example of the direct effect the team are having, many of the kids and their schools have started rocket car clubs which compete for the multiple Guinness World Record categories. The fastest so far is 550mph!

We try to make sure that the money side of BLOODHOUND has a low profile – but as you can imagine with a programme running at over £500,000 a month, and 81 employees, the funding has never been easy. Several of the last deals have taken over 5 years work. Much of the difficulty comes from linking the sponsorships to deliver a seamless cash-flow, and of course the working capital implications of 50% growth each year are seriously painful. At no stage can this project pause to get its breath back.

To celebrate the Jaguar deal and now the huge push we need to complete the car, we are offering our sponsors a beautiful A3 Board room certificate – a numbered and framed certificate to remind everyone that your company took part in the big push to complete BLOODHOUND.  The certificates all feature your company name, and are individually signed by key BLOODHOUND people including Ron Ayers, Andy Green, Mark Chapman, myself and Conor La Grue. We are offering them in return for a donation in excess of £1000 per certificate. We sold the first two at a sponsor’s event for over £4,500.

Thank you