Dynamic balancing is a process in which the balance of an object is adjusted or vibration eliminated by adding or removing weight while it is spinning at a high speed. It is the most popular way in which automobile tires, engine crankshaft, and drive shafts are balanced. In this process, onboard sensors in the dynamic balancing machine feeds data to a computer when the object is spun at a predetermined speed, providing information on the right amount of weight required to be added or removed to counter-balance spots that are too light or heavy respectively.

Because of the extreme accuracy of dynamic balancing, which allows for objects to be balanced to an accuracy of within one or two grams, this technique is preferred over static balancing in almost every high-performance situation. Typically, the Mallory metal is inserted into pre-drilled holes and welded in place to balance crankshafts. The balancing is then fine-tuned by drilling small holes within the counterweights of the crankshaft to remove small weights. Despite being extremely expensive, Mallory is the ideal metal for such use because it is very heavy.


On Site Services

Wilkinson Dynamic Balancing Ltd offers the following on site services;

  • Vibration analysis
  • On-site balancing
  • Laser shaft alignment
  • Machine condition monitoring
  • Gas booster on-site repairs with our C.O.R.G.I registered personnel
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Thermography
  • On-site fan repair and replacement
  • Site testing and commissioning
  • 24 hour breakdown service


We also offer on site performance testing to assess the actual duty performed by any fan units, this allows us to establish any potential power and therefore cost savings that can be made.

Objects are spun at close to normal rotational speeds during dynamic balance to replicate real-world performance and to ensure that once installed, it will perform at its best. Unless drive shafts and crankshafts undergo dynamic balancing, they would suffer extreme wear that would include the engine blocks being torn apart by vibration, bearings burning up within a very short time, and the vehicle getting ripped apart by the imbalanced forces. Passing tires through the dynamic balancing process is the best way to ensure that they run for thousands of miles without the tread wearing unevenly and to prevent tire cupping.

Dynamic balancing is not used in the automotive industry alone; the parts of many machines and often entire assemblies are passed through this process as well. The engines of outboard boats are dynamically balanced to minimize the vibrations transmitted to the user’s hands. High-end countertop mixers are often balanced so that they can operate steadily and quietly while mixing ingredients. Fishing reels also undergo this process to ensure that the cranking is comfortable and smooth and to minimize the vibrations that are passed along the handle.


Gas and Industrial Fans Ltd offer all types of acoustics to meet the demanding noise regulations now imposed on industry.

  • Acoustic louvers allow air into a building (or fan room) but attenuate the noise emitted by the fans within.
  • In smaller applications we recommend and supply multi-layered soft enclosures as opposed to standard metal enclosures.
  • Where space is at a premium, acoustic jackets can be supplied that are fixed directly onto the casings of the equipment.
  • For segregation of work spaces and reduction of noise from one work space to another we also offer acoustic dividers to suit any size.
  • Additionally we offer a full range of fully welded silencers.

Whereas dynamic balancing is required for most high-performance machines and equipment with rotating parts, this technique of measuring and eliminating imbalance is increasingly being used in the production of everyday household appliances that are traditionally not considered to be high-performance. Electric beaters, blenders, rotisseries, and mixers are just a few examples of household appliances that pass through the dynamic balancing process to enable them operate smoothly and more efficiently and to last long.

Everyday electric machines found in the garage including electric saws, drill motors, compressors and lathes among other power machines are dynamically balanced to make them durable and more effective. Note, however, that as much as dynamic balancing is an excellent way to boost the performance of a rotating part of a machine, every machine will still have some form of residual vibration even after balancing but balanced machines and appliances vibrate much less and operate more quietly