The centrifugal industrial chopper is essentially a kind of chopper pumps. These pumps are usually equipped with the system of cutting in order to aid maceration or chopping of solids, which are found in the liquid that is pumped. The primary advantage of such pumps is that these pumps prevent the clogging or blockage of the chopper pump itself & also of the attached or adjacent piping; all the stringy and solid materials are chopped or macerated by it. It is important to know that the chopper pumps are available in different configurations, which includes the dry-installed and submersible design & these choppers are usually equipped with one electric motor, which is needed for the impeller to run and also to provide adequate torque required for its chopping system.

How it works

The centrifugal chopper is basically operated by one drive unit, such as a hydraulic motor or electric motor, which turns the system of cutting and the impeller. A design of open impeller is actually used to pass the thick slurry or macerated solids, successfully. One set of the cutters of hardened steel is installed on the external of pump suction to macerate or chop all solids before entering the pump’s hydraulic parts. Further, the system of chopping includes one set of the rotating cutters, which are actually keyed to shaft & operate in the conjunction with stationary cutters that are bolted or attached to a suction plate. In order to stop the liquid (pumped) from getting inside the motor, the chopper uses the system of the mechanical seals. One can either connect the chopper to one pipe, a lowered down guide rail or a flexible hose in order to make the chopper sit on the coupling foot or the base elbow, thereby connecting the chopper to a discharge pipe.


Self Priming – The Self Priming Centrifugal Industrial Chopper incorporates successfully all the chopping abilities that one may expect from the latest version of chopper pumps. The new model of Centrifugal Industrial Chopper has one 4 inch discharge & inklet and also with flows that could reach 600 GPM. The standard feature comprises the ductile iron casing and housing, an oversized cleanout, chopper components of the alloy steel that are heat treated, thrust bearings that are lubricated with oil bath with a mechanical seal that is silicon carbide cartridge style, and lastly, an adjustable & removal casing with a rotating assembly that further eases the maintenance.

Vertical Wet Wall – The Vertical Wet Wall Centrifugal Industrial Chopper is perfect for severe problems for plumbing in industries like wood products, chemical, steel, mining, municipal, and food processing. The chopper impeller design combined with a patented system of seal & bearing has further resulted in a warranty cost that can easily be considered as the industry’s lowest; that too with the toughest applications. The design mechanical sealed oil bath lubricated sump pump, which is one of its kind. These choppers are available in lengths that could measure as long as 25 feet and it comprises of ductile cast bearing housing and iron casing, and a steel impeller of cast alloy that is heat treated, cutter nut, cutter bar & upper cutter for the industry’s most severe and toughest duty pump.