This is your update on the progress of the car and the Project overall. The jet fuel tanks take one more step closer to sign off, after the successful tests in Newquay of the complete system Jonathan Tubb from Advanced Fuel Systems, has come to fit the internal Explosive Suppressant foam and breather pipe. This completes the jet tank fuel system and the build team move onto the job on the list, electrical systems.

Swagelok, BLOOHOUND and education in the USA

In October of last year Simon Cooke from Swagelok Bristol and myself, presented the BLOODHOUND Project, to Swagelok employees and local schools in Hudson.
Hudson is the first school district in the US to formally add BLOODHOUND lessons to its curriculums. Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, two teams of fourth-grade teachers have integrated BLOODHOUND-themed lessons across a range of subjects, including: earth, physical and life sciences; physics; chemistry; language arts; social studies; and English. They have just run their first rocket car competition.
See the video made by Swagelok here.


BLOODHOUND has hosted Murray Wells, a year in industry student from AtlasCopco. Murray has been helping to design a system for putting the wheels on the car, interviewing team members and taking photos and writing blogs for the company. He has also attended a rocket car workshop, as he will be doing several school visits when he gets back to AtlasCopco.

BLOODHOUND will be attending a number of events over the summer and we would like to invite our sponsors to join us. Lots of sponsors have joined us in the past at such events and have found it very beneficial, in opening up new market sectors, great brand awareness and increased foot fall to their stands.

The three events are;
Cheltenham Science Festival 6-11th of June
Goodwood Festival of Speed 29th June – 2nd July
DSEI ( defence show at ExCel ) 12-15th September

If you would like to join us at any of these events please contact [email protected]