Last week we received an email from the Bloodhound SSC sharing with us some amazing images of Bloodhound on max reheat along with an update on how the tests have been going.

The Email We Received From The BloodHound SSC

To all of our sponsors, we want to share with you the fantastic pictures of BLOODHOUND on max reheat with the car on static test in Newquay. It is a fine testament to the whole team, sponsors included, both financial and product, that we have made this happen. The photos below speak for themselves. Congratulations to the team at Newquay who have worked tirelessly to pull the car together.

A Message to the team from Andy.

“Good Evening All

At the end of a remarkable week at NQY, we have completed the static testing. We achieved the full performance envelope, including full reheat during the tie-down test. This is a huge achievement by the whole team, and by Joe H and the systems team in particular.

With the promise of brakes off to full reheat in less than 5 seconds, we are looking set to put on a truly amazing show on 26 October. There is still a lot to do in the dynamic testing but this is a huge start. Dynamic tests should start next week at some point. Overall, a terrific week, with the promise of more to come

Andy Green”

If you would like to attend the event please get your tickets here.