Bloodhound SSC Team Plan To Reach 200mph

Today is the day, after nine-years the Bloodhound SSC project will make its first public run. This will take place at Cornwall airport, Newquay. After relentlessly testing the vehicle’s brakes, suspension, steering and onboard data systems they are now ready to go. The Bloodhound SSC team plan to reach 200mph to check the progress of the vehicle today.

Mr Andy Green will be piloting the vehicle has plenty of experience being a British Royal Air Force pilot and has stepped into a supersonic vehicle before. Back in 1997, Andy piloted Thrust SSC breaking the land speed record and reaching 714 mph. A record that he hopes to beat next summer.

Andy will have to lie feet first as the vehicle accelerates from 0 – 200 mph. Mr Green said:

“Every single test run we do will be increasing the speed and I’ll be watching at every stage the downloads on the wheels, If they’re getting too low, we’ll abort, if they’re getting too high, we’ll abort. I’ll be watching the instruments all the time.”

Where to Watch?

Well Thanks to Oracle, you’ll be able to view this test run right from the cockpit and see all the dashboard readings that Andy will see as he makes it to 200mph. 16 cameras are to be mounted to the vehicle so that everything will be captured, as well as Mr Green’s radio conversations.

To view the live stream see below.