The role that data and analysis plays in any record attempt of a technical nature these days. Behind the scenes computations to keep the world’s fastest care balanced and safe.

The BloodHound project

Do you imagine a car that could drive faster than a 357 Magnum? This is the project of “Bloodhound” from an engineering company. Using aeronautical expertise and a supersonic engine, the team is building this speed monster in a workshop in Bristol.

The project is led by Richard Noble, who set what is still the world land speed record on Nevada’s Black Rock Desert 21 years ago. The new objective of Richard Noble is to break his record again and reach the incredible speed of 1000mph. In other words, this equal to four and a half football pitches in one second according to the BloodHound SSC’s website. To achieve this goal, the car is equipped with an EJ200 Jet engine, a Hybrid Rocket Engine, and an Auxiliary Power Unit.

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