A chopper fan is also known as shredder fan and is mostly used in industries. It is made up of steel and is a sharp material with hardened blades, the built quality of these types of fans are good and can bear heavy load and pressure. The main function of these blades is to provide efficient and good transportation of air volume and pressure to move the waste materials. The shredder or the fan is situated between the production units to the separation part. These machines can also be used to break and divide the impurities into fine particles and make it easier to flow through the tube. Materials like shredded paper, wooden pieces, and cardboard etc. mostly these fans are used to provide suction by creating a suction.

Thus these fans have a dual functioning and can be used in both cases. The fan is dynamically balanced and does not vibrate in its running stage. It is also proportioned properly for its best aerodynamic stability. It also has a longitudinal stability. The stability of the fan is needed for the added capability of cutting big things into pieces. It can be manageable and can be controlled by high speed, medium speed, and low speed also. It is also installed with radial blades which are Power Efficient and provide the turbulence and Vibration-free Operation. The fans are equipped with a spring load inlet so that the chopping can be done with proper efficiency and correct chopping can be done, it also provides protection from surge loads where the net reactive power is zero. The arrangement of the machine also has a compact head to carry the motor and it should be compact but stable to carry such a heavy machine.

Some mention-able benefits of the machine:-

  • The machine parts are easily replaceable and need regular servicing and thus have a longer life than any other machine particles.
  • The steel cutting blades are strong and rigid and can cut heavy materials into pieces very easily and thus harden steel must be used.
  • There’s no jam or rust that happens to the material that can damage the metal so the material is made of rust-free material.
  • There is no chance for clogging of water and thus the material is made up of anti-clogging or wears resistant materials.
  • There’s an adjustable inlet that can control the amount of material coming in, and also has a cutting gap adjustment that can be used for calibration when the material is cut.
  • The impeller is controlled and fitted statically and is balanced in such a way so that vibrations cannot damage the cutting and is free of any external vibration due to the machine.
  • There’s an extra row that is fitted and balanced with spherical rollers that is shock resistant and can carry extra support and longer machine life.
  • Comes with automatic lubricators for a smooth running of the rollers and the machine.
  • Also comes with energy saving options that can save both energy and power.
  • Generally fitted with a V-belt transmission and support for higher efficiency.

Thus these kinds of shredders are generally used in factories for shredding and dividing bulk materials into fine aggregates and facilitate passage of the materials. These machines are also used for providing a vacuum environment that can provide suction, this is the dual use of the machine and acts as an intermediate portion between the production unit and the separation unit. In this article we discussed about the uses and the benefits of using an industrial chopper fan.