The latest SSC Bloodhound news courtesy of our friends at Pistonheads (Click the link for the full article on their website)

It’ll be ten years this October since the team behind Bloodhound SSC announced their intention to build a ‘car’ capable of matching or exceeding 1000mph. By its own admission, there have ‘been many false dawns’ along the way, and the project’s latest statement has to work rather hard to find the silver lining in yet another delay to the proposed schedule.

Brass tacks, the jet-powered machine won’t be heading to South Africa this year to begin further sub-sonic testing, which was supposed to be the next stage in development following an initial run at Newquay airport in October. The visit to the Northern Cape desert has slipped to May 2019, meaning it’ll be another year before we get to see if Bloodhound can make the critical transition from a 200mph trundle to a 500mph sprint.