Dynamic Balancing


All objects emit heat or electromagnetic energy, but only a small portion of this energy is visible to our eyes however this energy can be detected by an infrared camera.
Benefits of a thermal inspection:

  • Locates problems quickly without interrupting production
  • Reduces costly unscheduled interruptions
  • Extends the life of equipment by locating anomalies in components prior to failure
  • Confirms that previous anomalies have been rectified

The use of infrared radiation detection offers safe and accurate diagnosis of mechanical, electrical refractory and building defects.

  • Wear and tear on bearings, conveyors, motors, pumps and compressors can be monitored precisely by thermography.
  • Thermography can highlight load imbalance, damaged connections or failure of mechanisms within electrical systems.
  • Thermographic techniques are valuable to appraise plant structure, areas of major heat loss and obstructions and leakages within systems.
  • Refractory inspection includes steel ladles, process furnaces, rotary kilns and other lined vessels which can be monitored to appraise overall condition

After carrying out thermographic inspection we provide a detailed report highlighting actionable, prioritised information and details of the probable causes.

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