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The ATEX specification was extended from electrical equipment to cover mechanical equipment such as fans and came into force under Directive 94/9/EC on 01 July 2003.

Gas & Industrial Fans Ltd have been producing fans for this directive from the beginning.

We offer fans for Gas group II,  Zone 1/21 (Cat.2G and 2D) and Zone 2/22 (Cat. 3G/3D)

Zone 1 & 2 is for hazardous areas due to presence of a gas, Zone 21 & 22 is for hazardous areas due to the presence of dust.

When buying ATEX fans

It is important that the buyer is aware of the manufacturing standards that the potential supplier is working to and that the correct procedures are used for testing & certification.

At Gas & Industrial Fans Ltd all ATEX fans have been subjected to a rigorous ignition hazard assessment to determine correct design features (including selection of compatible materials) and in conjunction with an authoritative standard. We use BS EN 14986:2007 ‘Design of fans working in potentially explosive atmospheres’

All fans are subjected to a running test and high pressure fans are given an extended test run under closed damper conditions to verify & record maximum surface temperatures.

The actual features on the fan (eg. gas tight etc) will vary according to Zone, gas/dust type, ignition temperature and whether zone is inside and/or out, open inlet or fully ducted. Gas & Industrial Fans have a range of ATEX fan grades to cover all eventualities which will be carefully selected by our experienced technical sales team.

Please contact us to discuss this if you are unsure and we will guide you through your requirements.  Please note however that the determination of the actual zone has to be specified by the customer as this must be based on a site hazard assessment, against an ATEX questionnaire.

ATEX is the name commonly given to the legal requirements for controlling explosive atmospheres and the suitability of equipment and protective systems used in them. Since the introduction of the ATEX safety standards Gas and Industrial Fans Ltd have designed and manufactured to these standards.

The hazardous areas are classified into zones on the basis of frequency and duration of an explosive atmosphere.

Zone Gases


Zone Criteria

Equipment Category

Protection Level

020Permanent or present most of the time1Very high
121Present occasionally in normal operation1, 2High
222Rarely in normal operation i.e accidental occurrence1, 2, 3Normal

Our experienced engineers are available to discuss any enquiries you may have and select the correct fan with the added safety features to suit your requirements. ATEX fans can be manufactured in any material and with any coating to suit the required application.

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