Gas and Industrial Fans

Flexible Connections


Stitched fabric bellows:-      

We supply stitched fabric bellows to suit most machinery protection requirements. due to the manufacturing process the timescale and cost is greatly reduced to that of a moulded bellow.

Fabric bellows can be used from -60 deg. c to +250 deg.c. fabrics include PVC and Polyurethane coated nylons, sound barrier mats and glasscloths coated with neoprene rubber, silicone rubber or aluminised film.

Ffor added chemical resistance viton and hypalon coated glasscloths are available. data sheets and test certificates can be provided.

The majority of flexible connections/compensators are sewn in either kevlar or ptfe/glassfibre thread and for high temperature applications, stainless steel thread is used.

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