Gas and Industrial Fans

Vane Controls

Variable inlet vane( IVC) dampers are often used for capacity modulation. They give accurate control and power savings over other styles of dampers for reduced air flow.

For every inlet vane position there is different capacity v/s static pressure curve and capacity v/s kilowatt curve generated by the fan.

When an inlet vane is partially closed, each blade directs the air into the impeller in the direction of rotation and so the air is prespun. This brings about a reduction in the capacity, static pressure and kilowatt the amount of kilowatt savings at reduced capacity is determined by the type of system and type of fan-vane combination.

Key attributes        

Inlet guide vanes are synchronously adjustable in the same angular position by a connecting element. adjustment can be made either automatically via an adjusting element by pneumatic / electrical or hand units are manufactured from mild steel 43A and any of the stainless steels as well as coating with a paint suitable for the site conditions.

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